Vulnerability Assessment for Network Infrastructures


Elastic Detector is a solution which offers a comprehensive and dynamic view of network infrastructures by using an innovative and fully automated approach based on agentless technology, in order to identify vulnerabilities impacting networks, servers, applications and data availability.

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Multi infrastructure software stacks

Networks and servers automatically discovered in Cloud, virtual, physical & hybrid environments

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Elastic Vulnerability Assessment (EVA)

Continuous and On-Demand WhiteBox Audit
Clone&Scan mode for BlackBox Audit and WhiteBox Audit
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More than 50.000 security checks
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Comprehensive protection

Analysis of servers, applications, networks, OS and data.

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New Key Risk Indicators

Reports adapt to the audience :
  • Key Risk Indicator for C-Suite
  • Executive view for CISO
  • Vulnerability Remediation report for Technicals
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